Leadership Essentials

Creating a foundation for great leadership.​


The Leadership Essentials course will provide you with a strong base on which to grow your leadership capability regardless of your current role.

Learn the fundamental skills needed to lead a team and gain a greater understanding on what good self-leadership looks like.

Course Dates

1714566600 : 1715792400May 1, 2024
May 15, 2024
1715677200 : 1715790600May 14, 2024
May 15, 2024
1718701200 : 1718814600June 18, 2024
June 19, 2024
1721725200 : 1721838600July 23, 2024
July 24, 2024
1721824200 : 1723050000July 24, 2024
August 7, 2024
1725354000 : 1725467400September 3, 2024
September 4, 2024
1726563600 : 1726677000September 17, 2024
September 18, 2024
1732006800 : 1732120200November 19, 2024
November 20, 2024
1732019400 : 1733245200November 19, 2024
December 3, 2024
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Regular price: $1,790+GST

Who is this training for?

  • People wanting to start with a strong base on which to grow their leadership capability regardless of their current role.
  • Emerging leaders.
  • Those wishing to develop their self-management skills, essential for all great leaders.
  • Existing leaders wanting to refresh their foundation leadership practices and get the best from their team.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the role of leadership at all levels of the organisation, starting with self.
  • Learn the importance of good communication as a foundation to effective leadership.
  • Grow self-awareness.
  • Learn techniques for improved time management and prioritisation.
  • Understand the principles of delegation, agreement, and follow through.
  • Learn the power of impactful coaching for improved performance.

Benefits to your organisation

Your business will benefit through growing a forward-thinking employee with a solid understanding of foundation leadership best practice.

Your employee will be empowered to contribute positively to the organisation through effective leadership of self and others regardless of their role.

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Customised Solutions

IMNZ can work with your organisation to deliver highly flexible and customised learning programmes. Contact us to discuss solutions to meet your specific learning and development needs.

Learning Formats Available

At IMNZ you’ll experience an immersive and engaging workshop regardless of delivery modality. Our virtual facilitator led workshops are carefully designed by a team of experts to elicit the same feeling of deep engagement you would achieve from attending our in-person programmes.

Our learning outcomes remain the same regardless of delivery modality. This is achieved through our specialist content design, clever use of in workshop tools and exercises, all delivered by our expert team of facilitators.

In-Person Learning

Our in-person Leadership Essentials programme consists of two full-day workshops. In-person learning is a great option for people who are looking to step into a focused classroom environment, with time away from workplace distractions.

These workshops provide a human-centric immersive experience, with hands-on activities such as role play with your peers. In-person workshops also provide opportunities to build your professional network which naturally occurs when you are in a face-to-face setting.


Virtual Learning

Our virtual Leadership Essentials programme consists of three half day workshops scheduled once per week. Our virtual workshops are purpose built to be deeply immersive with engaging exercises and opportunities for you to collaborate and share.

The virtual environment provides equality in opportunities to communicate your thoughts and ideas through clever use of virtual tools regardless of your natural communication style/preferences.

With a week spacing between each workshop session, you’re provided with an opportunity to digest, research and practice your learning.

What Participants Have Said

“I learned a step by step procedure on how to delegate tasks to my staff and have a capacity for myself to strategize and improve processes within the team. Overall, I became more confident in managing my staff and with my decision making.”
Jerilee Baluyut

Team Leader for healthAlliance

“This course provided excellent information presented in an easily understandable format. I liked that it was easy to apply, take and review. It definitely had a positive impact on myself and my team as I was able to apply a lot of communication techniques and thought processes to my work environment.” 
Don Arnold

Programme Specialist for International Accreditation New Zealand

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