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Create winning outcomes for sustainable partnerships.

Many people associate negotiating with industrial bargaining and international agreements, yet by far the bulk of negotiation involves ordinary people arriving at day-to-day agreements with each other. By improving our negotiation skills we improve our ability to manage transactions in all aspects of our business and personal lives.

This programme is ideal for anyone responsible for reaching agreement and building sustainable long-term partnerships with customers, suppliers, or any other key stakeholders – external or internal.

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Who is this course for?

Negotiation skills are valuable across various roles and industries. There are several types of business people who would significantly benefit from negotiation skills training:

  • Sales Professionals: Individuals involved in sales, whether in retail, corporate sales, or B2B, greatly benefit from negotiation training. Salespeople need to negotiate terms, prices, and contracts with clients to close deals successfully.
  • Customer Service Representatives: These professionals can benefit from negotiation skills when handling customer complaints, seeking win-win solutions, and resolving conflicts.
  • Project Managers: Negotiation is essential in managing resources, budgets, and timelines, especially when dealing with different stakeholders and conflicting objectives.
  • Managers and Leaders: Those in leadership roles often find themselves negotiating with internal teams, external stakeholders, and partners. Negotiation skills aid in conflict resolution, team management, and decision-making.
  • Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners: Individuals starting or running their own businesses need strong negotiation skills. They negotiate with suppliers, investors, partners, and potential clients to establish and grow their business.


Contents include:

  • What is negotiation?
  • Why we enter negotiations
  • Selling or negotiating?
  • Outcomes, attitudes and behaviours
  • Communication styles
  • The two components of a win
  • The Win/Win Negotiation model
  • Preparation phase
  • Discussion phase
  • Exploration phase
  • Agreement phase
  • Ten negotiating principles

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Learning outcomes:

By the end of the workship, you’ll be able to:

  • Use a 4-stage model to plan and manage a win-win negotiation.
  • Understand, then leverage power and tactics.
  • Leverage 10 negotiation principles to increase success.
  • Understand key components of a win-win.
  • Apply principles to negotiate face-to-face, via telephone and email.
  • Know when it is time to walk away.
  • Achieve great outcomes that create sustainable partnerships.

Benefits to your organisation:

Enhancing negotiation skills is pivotal in addressing these challenges, fostering a more cooperative and efficient business environment while creating opportunities for growth and success.

  • Stagnant Sales or Contract Renewals: Sales teams often face challenges when it comes to closing deals, especially in highly competitive markets. Negotiation skills training enables sales professionals to better understand client needs, build rapport, and effectively negotiate terms, leading to increased sales closures and successful contract renewals.
  • Poor Deal-Making and Agreement Management: Many businesses struggle with deal-making processes, resulting in unfavourable agreements or failed negotiations. Training in negotiation skills equips employees with the ability to understand the needs of all parties involved, create mutually beneficial agreements, and manage the entire negotiation process more efficiently, leading to better deals and stronger relationships.
  • Ineffective Communication and Conflict Resolution: Businesses often face issues arising from poor communication, leading to conflicts within teams, between departments, or with clients and suppliers. Negotiation skills training helps employees learn effective communication strategies, active listening, and conflict resolution techniques, allowing them to navigate and reach agreement more constructively.
  • Internal and External Relationship Management: Businesses can suffer from strained relationships both internally among teams and externally with partners or clients. Negotiation skills training helps in fostering healthier and more collaborative relationships by teaching individuals to navigate differences, manage expectations, and build rapport, ultimately strengthening both internal team dynamics and external partnerships.

Delivery options

Whether you choose a face-to-face or virtual workshop, your learning outcomes will remain the same.


Our in-person course consists of two full consecutive days of group-based learning. In-person training is a great option for people who are looking to step into a focused classroom environment. These workshops provide a human-centric immersive experience, with hands-on activities such as role-play and the ability to meet with your peers and build your professional networks.


Our virtual course consists of three half-day sessions. David Forman’s virtual programmes are purpose-built to be deeply immersive with engaging exercises and opportunities for you to collaborate and share using virtual tools.

Customised Solutions

David Forman can work with your organisation to deliver highly flexible and customised learning programmes. Contact us to discuss solutions to meet your specific learning and development needs.

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$1,550.00 + GST: Full price online

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