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Leadership Essentials –
Through a Sales Lens

Set a strong foundation of sales leadership.

This programme is for anyone looking to grow their sales leadership capability – regardless of their current role. Completing this course will set you up with the fundamental skills needed to lead a sales team and gain a greater understanding of what good self-leadership looks like in a sales environment.

This course is run on-demand. Please register your interest by filling out the contact form below.

Who is this course for?

  • Sales professionals wanting to start with a strong base on which to grow their leadership capability regardless of their current role.
  • Emerging sales leaders; those wanting to grow into a leadership role.
  • Those wishing to develop their self-management skills, essential for all great sales leaders.
  • Existing sales leaders wanting to refresh their foundation leadership practices and get the best from their sales team.
  • Existing senior sales leaders wanting a way to articulate what they do now so that they can easily relay this to their team of sales managers in a meaningful and effective way (and with the right tools).

Contents include:

Understanding Leadership
In this module we focus on defining sales leadership, the role of a sales leader and the transition we need to make when moving from a sales executive to a sales leader. We discuss how building trust and focusing on good communication form the foundation to great sales leadership. All of which is underpinned by knowing how to focus on the right areas through effective prioritising and planning.

Planning as a Sales Leader
In module two we take a deeper look at the importance of planning to ensure a return on our sales leadership investment. This starts with understanding the power of good time management, setting standards and effective delegation. We explore the importance of being prepared when we give feedback to our sales team and find ourselves in conflict situations. We close off this module examining the difference between leadership and followship.

Working as a Sales Leader
Gaining commitment as a sales leader is essential to your success. We spend time in this module exploring what this means and how you can work with your sales team to gain the commitment you need. This might be through growing capability, effective coaching or managing up to make sure you and your sales team have the support you need to be successful. We wrap up this module with a focus on your ongoing development as a sales leader.

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Learning outcomes:

By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Understand the role of the sales leader at all levels of the organisation, starting with self.
  • Learn the importance of good communication as a foundation to effective sales leadership.
  • Achieve an increase in leadership self-awareness.
  • Learn techniques for improved time management and prioritisation.
  • Understand the principles of delegation, agreement, and follow through.
  • Learn the power of impactful coaching for improved sales performance.

Benefits to your organisation:

  • Your business will benefit through growing a forward-thinking sales employee with a solid understanding of foundation leadership best practice.
  • Your sales professional will be empowered to contribute positively to the organisation through effective leadership of self and others regardless of their role within the organisation.

Delivery options

Whether you choose a face-to-face or virtual workshop, your learning outcomes will remain the same.


Our in-person course consists of two full, consecutive days of group-based learning. In-person training is a great option for people who are looking to step into a focused classroom environment. These workshops provide a human-centric immersive experience, with hands-on activities such as role-play and the ability to meet with your peers and build your professional networks.


Our virtual course consists of three half-day sessions. David Forman’s virtual programmes are purpose-built to be deeply immersive with engaging exercises and opportunities for you to collaborate and share using virtual tools.

Customised solutions

David Forman can work with your organisation to deliver highly flexible and customised learning programmes. Contact us to discuss solutions to meet your specific learning and development needs. 

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$1,790.00 + GST: Full price in person
$1,550.00 + GST: Full price online

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