The Institute of Management New Zealand

Transforms talented people into valuable managers, visionary leaders, and global executives.

The Institute of Management New Zealand

We craft courses, programmes, events and professional recognition for tomorrow’s leaders, enabling them to reach their full potential.

As a not- for- profit we do it because the leaders we help create today will be reflected in the New Zealand they create tomorrow.

IMNZ delivers real, hands-on, current training in leadership and management that is practical and professional for every career stage. We offer both in-person and online taught courses, enabling us to fit in with your lifestyle.

Our online training is purpose-built to be interactive and provide a rich learner experience, much like our in-person courses.

Proud Heritage

Forefront of developing management and leadership capability for over 70 years.

Proven Results

Built capabilities in over 42,000 people.

Practical Learning

Offer relevant classroom learning with strong real-world practical application.

NZ Relevant in a Global Context

Set the standard of best practice in management and leadership across NZ.

Proven Customised Approach

Learning programmes designed for NZs leading organisations.

Comprehensive Offering

The most comprehensive suite of courses in management and leadership development in NZ

The Secret to Success
is Your People

IMNZ can unleash the full potential of your team with a range of tailored development solutions. When you give your team the tools to succeed, they’ll do just that. All of our in-company solutions can improve your bottom line – from lifting retention to increasing engagement and beyond.

Learn new skills, pursue your interests or advance your career with our face to face or virtual courses.