Elevate Programme

Creating high performing leaders​.


As a leader, you are vital in influencing organisational culture and providing the drivers and framework within which teams achieve strategic business goals.

The Elevate Programme takes your leadership capability to the next level; engaging individuals and teams, driving performance improvement, and delivering exceptional results through your people.

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Early bird price with 15% discount: $3,145+GST​
Regular price: $3,700+GST

Who is this training for?

  • Leaders wanting to achieve improved business results through more effective team performance strategies.
  • Those wanting to extend their leadership capability across the essential areas of self, team, and organisation.
  • Leaders who have responsibility for a functional area, a team, or an entire business but who may have had little to no formal training and are looking to build on their existing capability

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the difference between leading and managing.
  • Know your leadership style and strengths and understand the importance of leadership wellness.
  • Use behavioural insights to get the best from others.
  • Assess capability and effectively drive team-based continuous improvement.
  • Understand the power of effective delegation and gaining commitment from others.
  • Expand your business planning and change leadership capability.

Benefits to your organisation

Organisational capability can mean the difference between a business meeting its strategic goals, or not. The Elevate Programme equips your leaders to navigate people leadership and business challenges and to do so with confidence and expertise.

Our Elevate leaders leave the programme with the skills to grow team performance, align people capability to achieve greater business outcomes, and ultimately lead a team towards the achievement of strategic goals.

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Customised Solutions

IMNZ can work with your organisation to deliver highly flexible and customised learning programmes. Contact us to discuss solutions to meet your specific learning and development needs.

Learning Formats Available

At IMNZ you’ll experience an immersive and engaging workshop regardless of delivery modality. Our virtual facilitator led workshops are carefully designed by a team of experts to elicit the same feeling of deep engagement you would achieve from attending our in-person programmes.

Our learning outcomes remain the same regardless of delivery modality. This is achieved through our specialist content design, clever use of in workshop tools and exercises, all delivered by our expert team of facilitators.

In-Person Learning

Our in-person Elevate programme consists of three, one and a half-day sessions spread across three months. Each session covers one of the following topics: Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading Business Performance.

In-person learning is a great option for people who are looking to step into a focused classroom environment, with time away from workplace distractions.

These workshops provide a human-centric immersive experience, with hands-on activities such as role play with your peers. In-person workshops also provide opportunities to build your professional network which naturally occurs when you are in a face-to-face setting.

Virtual Learning

Our virtual Elevate programme consists of six half day workshops scheduled once per week. Our virtual workshops are purpose built to be deeply immersive with engaging exercises and opportunities for you to collaborate and share.

The virtual environment provides equality in opportunities to communicate your thoughts and ideas through clever use of virtual tools regardless of your natural communication style/preferences.

With a week spacing between each workshop session, you’re provided with an opportunity to digest, research and practice your learning. 

What Participants Have Said

“There were a lot of tools that we learnt that can actually be used on an everyday basis with teams and workshops and meetings. One of the biggest impacts of having done the course was how it enabled me to engage with our clients – not only navigating how to talk to my team and motivate them for change, but also applying that to my clients and authentically listening to them.”

Michelle Poulton

COO, AlphaCert Labs

“The IMNZ training brings through techniques that you can apply but also gives an understanding of the psychology that would influence certain types of behavior, and at the end of the day that’s what we are trying to do—change people’s behaviour so we can get better outcomes.”

Tanvir Bhamji

Headwork Consents Manager, Watercare Services Ltd.

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