Siva Sivakumar

Tekron International Limited, Embedded Software Engineer

Project Management Fundamentals

I studied with IMNZ because there isn’t a better place in NZ to gain insight into practical everyday scenarios faced by managers and how to deal with those situations

I enrolled in Project Management Fundamentals because I wanted to learn how to manage people’s expectations.

The sessions at IMNZ helped me realize that it is not wrong to sometimes say no and trusting and delegating the task to others helps things get done better and quicker.

I am working on a project as a team member and some new junior engineers have been brought on board. Previously I would have hesitated to delegate tasks but after completing the session I am now asking them to do the tasks, monitoring their progress and giving corrective suggestions were required so that all of us grow as a team.

What I liked best about studying with IMNZ was that It was highly interactive and real examples were quoted to explain how other successful people managed their work.

I would recommend IMNZ because they are the best to help you become the change agent of the future.


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