Kylee Stanton

ElectroNet, Project Manager

Project Management Fundamentals

I was recently promoted to Project Manager within our company and my employer recommended I take this course. I have no previous experience in this area and needed some guidance. I lacked confidence, which I feel is a big part of successful management.

Having a small group of 6 people in the course helped me a lot as I don’t like talking in front of extremely big groups. I felt like I could ask questions easily without feeling embarrassed.

My favourite element of the course was the team exercises. I really enjoyed them as they gave us an opportunity to feel comfortable around the other course participants. I learned a lot about myself and my strengths.

I actually really enjoyed the whole course! The instructor, Rhys, was great and ensured the course wasn’t boring. The team exercises were fun and relevant. It was a good overview of project management and I took a lot away from it.

I would recommend IMNZ because they gave me confidence!


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