Evelyn Jarua

Monitoring and Evaluation officer, Papua New Guinea Justice Department

Project Management Fundamentals

“The course facilitators really cared about my progress, putting in time to check up on how I was progressing”

Evelyn Jarua was excited by the opportunity to undertake the Project Management Fundamentals course via the New Zealand Short Term Training Scholarships Programme (NZTTS). As a young officer working with the PNG Justice Department, she had made her superiors aware of her desire to undertake additional training, especially international training. She saw upskilling via these courses as key  to her career progress.

Despite her excitement, Jarua was concerned about the online delivery. “The internet here is slow and often cuts out,” she explains. “I was concerned about missing parts of the course.”

A call to the team at IMNZ waylaid all her fears, as they explained they would record all the sessions to make the available for study afterwards. Jarua says this wasn’t just beneficial because of her poor internet connection, but also because it allowed her to study at her own pace while working full time.

“I was excited when I found that there would be a pastoral call to check on my progress and wellbeing taking the course. It shows that IMNZ care and we’re not left alone online.”

She says the team also followed up quickly to other enquiries.

This pastoral care was essential for Jarua, who was learning from so far away. IMNZ brought her into the fold of participants on the course, and made her feel like part of the team. This helped with both motivation and enjoyment.

Jarua says the course has made her feel more confident about her leadership style, improved her team management and communication skills, and helped her understand the journey of project management from conception to closure.

Undertaking the Project Management Fundamentals course with IMNZ has resulted in Jarua feeling ready to take the next step in her career. She says she is looking forward to using her newly acquired skills as the lead in upcoming development and management of livelihood projects.