Amanda Wolak

Planning Manager, BNZ


These tools enable more effective, productive and confident communication between my team and I.

Think on Your Feet® teaches you to focus on key issues, better organise your ideas and answer hard questions with confidence.

When BNZ bank Planning Manager, Amanda decided to seek out professional development, she found what she was looking for at IMNZ.

Why did you choose IMNZ for your training?

IMNZ provides a Think on Your Feet® course for people seeking to become more confident in their communication, presentation and conflict resolution skills. Amanda could see that it would provide her with skills that would improve her effectiveness in meetings and other work conversations, especially under pressure.

“I really enjoyed the look of the IMNZ course,” says Amanda. “I could see that some of the elements that were my weaknesses, or areas to grow on, were going to be part of the course.” The structured but interactive nature of the course offered Amanda a chance to learn new skills and practice them in a supportive and relaxed environment.

What were you looking to achieve?

At BNZ Amanda is often involved in the process of bringing change to people’s roles and she found this a real challenge before attending this course.

“I sometimes found it difficult to bring people along on that journey,” she explains. “The course has helped me overcome a few challenges that I face in my role on a day-to-day basis, and that’s telling the story of—it might not impact them, but what does it mean for the organisation and wider as well?”

IMNZ’s Think on Your Feet® course helps people in leadership have more persuasive conversations and can help turn anxiety concerning change into positive energy.

How has the training with IMNZ impacted your work?

Amanda was able to put her new skills into practice almost immediately after returning to work from her two-day IMNZ course


“What I love about studying at IMNZ is the really supportive environment, with awesome facilitators.”

Because her work week is a busy one, Theresa also values the networking with people from other organisations and the high-paced learning environment of IMNZ’s short courses. “No matter what business I’ve got going on in my weekly life,” she says, “I’ve got time to come in and do this. It’s only a short two-day course but I feel like I’ve walked away doing a three-year university study.”

The Think on your Feet course is for anyone wanting to stand out as confident and in control, even under pressure. Whether in meetings, one-to-one conversations or during a presentation, you will be able to communicate in a well-structured, concise way so that your ideas have the influence and impact you are aiming for.