Hernandia Zoleyeke

Assistant HR Manager for Solomon Airlines, Solomon Islands

Leadership Essentials ELEVATE with IMNZ

“The course helped me understand as a leader I need to be bold, genuine, honest and trustworthy.”

Hernandia Zoleveke was looking for some flexible training that would allow her to step up to the next level in her career, and also balance family life with work. She discovered the Leadership Essentials course with IMNZ advertised on the NZ High Commission Facebook page, and was able to access it thanks to the MFAT scholarship. She says the course really helped her understand how to fine tune her approach as a leader.

How training online can be easy

“This was my first online course and it was convenient and easy to access. I just had to open my laptop to attend classes. The program is well-suited for working people as it is not too demanding on one’s time. The course content is easy to follow and the support from the Skills Consulting Group has been amazing.”

Hernandia had been concerned that, as a mother to young children and with her other responsibilities at work, she would struggle with the training. She openly admits she worried she might fail, or just be unable to attend the classes. However she says the course content was delivered in such a flexible and accessible way that those concerns soon faded, and the teams from Skills, MFAT and IMNZ were very supportive, helping her along the way. The course removed the barriers to training that had previously prevented Hernandia from progressing in her career.

“I highly recommend the leadership course especially for those who are supervising or managing others. It helps people to acquire the right skills to effectively lead others.”

How to no longer be afraid to make mistakes

“I am currently practising the new skills I have learnt both at work and home. I do not always get it right. Sometimes I rush into doing things without thinking and later realised that I could have handled things better. I take note of these, learn and fine-tune as I go along.”

Hernandia explains that the course has helped her to understand how to take ownership of mistakes and grow from them, whereas previously she was afraid of getting things wrong. She says she now feels confident in her skills when making decisions, being empathetic and analysing results.

How to build confidence

As well as confidence Hernandia says she realises the importance of being bold. She says she understands a good leader will stand by their team, be honest and use their self-awareness to better connect with others.

Hernandia is now exploring career progress prospects as a direct result of the course, and is excited about what the future might hold.