Arieta M Davi

Senior Legal Officer based at the State Solicitors Office in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Leadership Essentials ELEVATE with IMNZ

“The programme has provided me with useful tools on how to lead myself and lead others, support and manage a team through change, receive and provide feedback, effectively use technology in the workplace and lead strategically.”

Arieta M Dagi felt privileged to be accepted for the Leadership Essentials course with IMNZ, via the New Zealand Short Term Training Scholarships Programme (NZSTTS). She was earmarked for training by her HR department at the State Solicitors Office in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, and feels the course has really given her an advantage in her legal career.

Helping to develop people skills

“I have realised over the years of working as a solicitor that the greatest challenges faced daily aren’t always legal but are in dealing with people: different personalities, backgrounds and expectations. Not having the necessary skills and tools to effectively communicate, contribute or lead people in my team or in dealing with clients, limited my ability to produce the best results.”

Arieta was very focussed on the communication and people management aspects of the course, as she had identified herself that these were areas she needed to develop. She has found the course has given her the confidence she needs to progress to a management position.

She says she found the topics covered very relevant to her work, and has been able to utilise the skills learned via the course daily since. As well as using the SBI model for giving feedback when supervising team activities at work, Arieta says she is being more intentional about leading by influence. She is being more reflective about her approach to leadership and planning more.

“I’ve realised, No one style of leadership fits all. You have to be able to adjust your approach based on the situation at hand,” she says.

Flexible and supportive facilitators

Arieta says that she had some concerns about how she would engage with the course and manage her time on top of her usual workload.

“But I found the course content was delivered in a very flexible way, and I could fit it around work,” she explains. “My manager was also able to allow me an hour off on Wednesday afternoons to take part in the lives webinar, which was very valuable.”

NZSTTS also organised a smart phone for Arieta to help her engage with the materials on demand, which she says was essential.

“IMNZ was quick to respond to my concerns and very helpful and supportive.” She says the course content was useful, relevant and engaging, and that training like this is desperately needed in PNG.

She says she would recommend this course to anyone wanting to progress in management.

“My biggest takeaway was that people will forget what you told them but they will never forget how you made them feel. Be a sincere leader,” says Arieta. “The course has really helped me adjust my leadership style and be more responsive to my team.”