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What will you be in 2022?

Whatever your professional goals, IMNZ has a course to help

Some people make New Year’s resolutions, but professionals and managers often set New Years’ intentions. These career focused goals usually centre around upskilling. IMNZ offers six brilliant courses that can coach you through your 2022 professional intentions, and prepare you to take the next.  

This year I want to become a leader 

You might have been a team leader for a while, or perhaps you have recently been promoted into a management role. A leadership course can give you the confidence you need to make decisions, support your staff and communicate your ideas effectively.

Being a leader and being a manager are not the same thing, and even if you aren’t yet in a management role, if you are looking to build your career in that direction then taking a leadership course could help you shine.

In 2022, I want to support my team to shine

Being an empathetic and understanding manager can help the all-round wellbeing of your team, increasing productivity and job satisfaction.

IMNZ has a number of courses that could help you develop your people and build effective and cohesive relationships from the start.

2022 is the year I become a better communicator

Being a great leader, and supporting your team to grow, rest on good communication skills. Learning how to present your ideas, use digital management tools, and follow up with your staff, stakeholders and clients is essential to success. Our courses can help you manage conflict or develop professional communications skills.

I’d like to take control of my projects this year

Perhaps you’ve stepped up to a project management role and feel you need to tighten up some of those key skills? Project management training can help even seasoned project managers develop skills to scope a project out, understand the lifecycle and resource the project appropriately.

It is time I got to grips with finance

Whatever your role in the business, it revolves around money. After all, a business doesn’t function unless it is financially viable. Whether you are head of the creative team or an off-site catering manager you need to know how the financials work. Understanding the financial side of your organisation can help you make better decisions for your team, write tighter budgets and weigh up the costs against project benefits more effectively.

For managers who have not had much contact with the finance department finance and accounting can seem daunting. But IMNZ’s Finance for Non-Financial Managers breaks it all down and make it easy to process.

To achieve my goals this year I need some coaching

Not sure what is next? Got a professional bucket list but don’t know the next steps? Then customised coaching is a great way to set your intentions and understanding how to achieve them.


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