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Programme graduates share how IMNZ courses have help them develop new skills for leadership and life

A new year is a great opportunity to think about what you want the future to bring in both your professional and personal life. Training can help you meet those new goals. Here, some of our students share how training has helped them.  

Hernandia Zoleveke – levelling up

Hernandia Zoleveke was looking for some flexible training that would allow her to step up to the next level in her career, while still balancing family life with all her work commitments.  She found Leadership Essentials was delivered in such a flexible way she could make it work.

“The course helped me understand as a leader I need to be bold, genuine, honest and trustworthy.”

Hernandia adds that the course has also taught her that she doesn’t need to be afraid of making mistakes.

“I do not always get it right. Sometimes I rush into doing things without thinking and later realise that I could have handled things better. I take note of these, learn and fine-tune as I go along.”

Tanvir Bhamji – meeting specific goals 

Tanvir Bhamji, Headwork Consents Manager at Watercare Services Ltd, enrolled in the Elevate Programme he had clear goals. He wanted a better understanding of how to lead his team and encourage them to grow, while helping the organisation flourish.

“[It] has taught me that it’s all about the people and so the interactions I have now with other people have matured. It’s opened my eyes to different techniques and tools to allow that to happen.

“[It] provides you with the range of techniques, tools and an understanding of how you can better yourself to better others.”

Sierra Valente – confidence boost

Sierra Valenta was looking for tools that would help boost her confidence in her role as a sales executive at the Walshe Group. She wanted more confidence in presenting to customers and tools to problem-solve with them. Think on Your Feet has given her those tools.

“The starting point was to develop confidence, but the IMNZ course provided a lot more than that. It gave me the tools to deal with any type of situation.”

Having the tools to deal with conflict situations has made a huge impact on Sierra’s work life.

“I use some of the tools to help me divert the conversation so, rather than them yelling at me and blaming me personally, I am able to divert it to why it happened and the way we can fix it.”

She says the course really helped her understand how to fine tune her approach as a leader.


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