For Sierra Valente, Sales Executive at the Walshe Group, the communication tools offered by the Think on Your Feet® course led to increased confidence when speaking with clients and dealing with customers.

What were you looking to achieve?

Initially, Sierra and her boss chose the Think on your Feet® course at IMNZ as a way for Sierra to gain confidence in her role.

“The starting point was to develop confidence, but the IMNZ course provided a lot more than that. It gave me the tools to deal with any type of situation.”

The supportive training experience at IMNZ meant Sierra not only increased her confidence in speaking with people and presenting, but it also provided her with the tools to problem-solve with customers face-to-face and over the phone.

Why did you choose IMNZ as your professional development provider?

When Sierra and her boss discussed the best options for her training and researched the courses available to her, they decided IMNZ was the training institute that would benefit her the most.

“I did a lot of review searching and it seemed like IMNZ knew what they were doing, so I thought I’d go with that,” says Sierra.

The IMNZ Think on Your Feet ® course is designed to help people communicate with confidence in any situation, even under pressure. In her work dealing with customers, Sierra is often put on the spot. She needed tools that helped her think fast, calm conflict situations and direct conversations towards a positive outcome for both the customer and the Walsh company.

How has the training with IMNZ impacted your work?

Having the tools to deal with conflict situations has made a huge impact on Sierra’s work life. Dealing with distraught customers can be a challenge for any workplace and needs to be handled carefully and skillfully.

When dealing with an upset customer, Sierra employs what she has learnt at IMNZ to divert the conversation away from the past grievance and towards the future. Her new confidence gives her the ability to calm and focus the customer on productive solutions moving forward.

“I use some of the tools to help me divert the conversation so, rather than them yelling at me and blaming me personally, I am able to divert it to why it happened and the way we can fix it,” she explains.

Ready for future professional and personal development?

IMNZ offered Sierra increased confidence in both her work and home life, and she believes everyone could benefit from learning the skills taught on Think on Your Feet ®.

“I would recommend it to anybody, not just my work colleagues,” she says. “I’d recommend it to my friends, my family. It’s the type of course that you can use in everyday life. It doesn’t matter what your job is or where you come from. It’s a course for everybody.”

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