Learner Case Study- Jenna Neam – Winner of the 2018 AECOM/IMNZ Young Leaders Award

We were thrilled to catch up with Jenna Neame this July. Jenna won the prestigious 2017 IPWEA Young Leader Award and part of her prize was gaining a place on the IMNZ breakthrough leadership ACCELERATE programme. We sat down with Jenna this month to ask about her thoughts on the programme and how she’s implemented her new tools.

Jenna Neame, an engineer at Tasman District Council, says the IMNZ ACCELERATE programme is fast-paced and jam-packed with valuable insights on transformational leadership, and from day one she hit the ground running. “The programme started with a hiss and a roar,” Jenna tells us, “and it provided very thought provoking material and conversations from beginning to end.”

The ACCELERATE programme comprises six modules, delivered in three blocks of two consecutive training days. Each block is bridged with coaching calls to support participants throughout their training journey.

Jenna says following each 2-day module block she was “buzzing with new ideas and awareness, itching to put them into practice”.

ACCELERATE has been created by some of the world’s best innovators in leadership to build and empower “tomorrow’s leaders today”. The programme is designed to encourage and support participants to challenge old leadership paradigms and shift their thinking into the new era of doing business as transformational leaders.

The programme’s six modules focus on learning about different and emerging leadership styles, best practice communication, encouraging optimal team performance, the cornerstones of success, design-led thinking and strategic planning.

Jenna has found since completing ACCELERATE that her leadership confidence has grown exponentially, and she has the skills to keep transforming as a leader.

“It reinforced what I already knew about myself, and now I can apply those insights every day in how I engage, interact and build my leadership style and with it, my career as a leader.”

She adds that the variety of people on the programme – both learners and facilitators – increased the diversity of the experience and views put forward by everyone and with it, knowledge and enjoyment.

“A key ‘A-ha!’ moment for me came after learning how that even the most simple catch phrases can be so powerful when applied in leadership situations,” says Jenna.

“My favourites being: ‘Peel the onion’, ‘Unpack that’, ‘Ask the 5 whys’, and ‘Seek to understand’. I have found these simple phrases immeasurably helpful for me understanding situations. Even the most complex ones can be ‘unpacked’ using the tactics these phrases refer to.

“As a result,” adds Jenna, “I’m enjoying much more productive relationships at work.” Jenna says she’s banking on what’s she has learned on the programme and is looking forward to future learning and development opportunities.

She adds that ACCELERATE would be a great programme for someone who is managing people and wants to “unlock the potential of themselves and their team”.

We loved having you on our ACCELERATE programme Jenna and wish you every success!

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