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IMNZ Summit

Every great team has tough starts

4th & 5th May 2021

It’s no secret that even the best teams experience highs and lows in the workplace – but they work through it together, and that’s part of what makes a great team. Here at IMNZ, we believe that building a great team also requires great leadership – so that when you hit the lows, you have the right building blocks to weather the storm and come out the other side stronger and more confident in the knowledge that, as a team, you can take on anything.


 In a time when change and challenge seems to be continuous, equipping leaders with the right tools to navigate the challenges without leaving anyone behind is imperative to the entire team’s success and wellbeing.

That’s why this year, the IMNZ Summit brings an opportunity for new and emerging leaders to hear stories from inspirational leaders who have ‘been there, done that’ and guided teams through tough times. Join us at the IMNZ Summit virtual stage as nine talented business leaders talk about what they got right, as well as the things they would love to go back and change.

“We have a unique opportunity right now, to look at leadership differently, to share our experiences, to reinterpret what true leadership really means. Learning from each other and sharing ideas – that is a key element in leading change.”
– Ezekiel Raui, Change Maker, Social Innovator, and IMNZ Summit Speaker.

With such an impeccable line-up of speakers this year, this event will leave you with a notebook full of tips to help guide you through the tricky times. 

The IMNZ Summit speakers include: 

Event Details

Event Theme: Every Great Team Has Tough Starts

Dates & Times: 4 & 5 May 2021 (these are half day events starting at 9am)

Location: This is a virtual event

Cost: Registrations are free

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Meet This Year’s Speakers

Gilbert Enoka: All Blacks Manager – Leadership

Gilbert Enoka has a long history of success as a mental skills coach with New Zealand’s corporate and sporting elite. He is internationally renowned for his 21-year history with the All Blacks, first as their mental skills coach and now as manager.

Gilbert is a sought-after speaker, giving insight into the psychology behind individual and team success in world-level sport and how this can be applied to any walk of life. He has been invited to be a keynote speaker throughout the world at over 500 events, talking about leadership, performing under pressure, mental management, strategic planning, effective business management and building thriving cultures.

Suzi McAlpine: Award Winning Leadership Coach

Igniting leadership through conversation, Suzi McAlpine is an executive coach, leadership specialist and author of Beyond Burnout book and the award winning leadership blog, The Leader’s Digest.

Suzi specialises in leadership development, including executive coaching, leadership workshops, and programmes for CEOs, leadership teams and organisations throughout New Zealand. An experienced author and mentor, Suzi writes and teaches about accomplished leadership, what magic emerges when it’s present, and how to inspire and improve leadership in individuals, teams and organisations.




Patrick Crewdson: Stuff Editor in Chief

Patrick Crewdson started in journalism as editor of the Otago University student newspaper Critic-Te Arohi in 2002-3.

He joined the Herald on Sunday for its launch, then moved to The Dominion Post, where he worked as a reporter and web editor before four years as Head of News.

As Stuff editor since 2014, Patrick has prioritised quality journalism, multimedia innovation, and forward-thinking climate change coverage. In 2019, he was named editorial executive of the year at the Voyager Media Awards and awarded the prestigious Wolfson Fellowship (although thanks to Covid-19, he hasn’t actually been able to take it up yet).

Ezekiel Raui: Changemaker and Social Innovator 

From attending the White House Tribal Leaders Gathering with Michelle Obama to receiving a medal from the Queen and being named on Forbes’ 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneurs in the Asia Pacific region – at just 23 years of age, Ezekiel Raui has been making his mark as a young leader for some time now. 

Having worked across youth-focused advisory and decision making, mental health advocacy, youth leadership, development and education – Ezekiel will be leading a korero around how to navigate the road to leadership and build support systems within the very eco-system of your organisation.  

Carmen Bailey: Emergent Consulting Director

Carmen established Emergent in 2002. Leading the way in quality recruitment, Emergent quickly acquired a reputation for quality client and candidate engagements in contracting and permanent roles—for corporate and professional organisations.

Emergent has come a long way and grown significantly since those early days. A Board and management team oversee the company, yet Carmen loves being actively engaged with clients’ businesses and advising some of New Zealand’s top talent. Carmen’s client and personal relationships include CEOs, Chairs and senior HR Executives across New Zealand’s commercial and NFP sectors.

Drawing on close to 30 years’ experience, Carmen also coaches and develops our team and actively mentors and provides career advice to New Zealand’s future business.

In her talk, Carmen will shine a light on what a top-tier recruiter looks for in leaders, and the importance of building a strong team on the road to success.

Helen Carter: GM Marketing & Business Development, Skills Consulting Group

Sometimes you just need to laugh with the kids when they jump on the tramp in their undies. That’s one of Helen Carter’s biggest lessons from lockdown – that sometimes leaders just need to drop the mask, show their human side and lead the team from there.

A forward-thinking senior leader who’s worked with businesses around the world, Helen will be sharing her leadership journey – warts and all – about driving strategic initiatives and delivering commercial goals while keeping her team motivated to always achieve that little bit more.

Kristen Lunman: Co-Founder and GM, Hatch

Working as a senior leader Kristen for several years both here and overseas, Kristen has made a name for herself in New Zealand’s startup ecosystem.

As GM of Hatch, Kristen challenged the status quo by opening up the US share markets to all New Zealanders with a modern investing platform. She’s a firm believer that technology should simplify our financial lives and help us be better with our money. With Hatch, every Kiwi has the same access to the tools, knowledge, and opportunities to take control of their wealth. Their mission remains to transform Kiwis from passive financial participants into active participants; engaged in growing their serious wealth to meet their ambitious lifestyle goals.

In 2018 Kristen Lunman was nominated as one of New Zealand’s Women of Influence Innovator of the Year award. When she’s not busy raising children, surfing and disrupting, you’ll find Kristen volunteering her time to mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Arash Tayebi: Co-Founder and CEO at Kara Technologies, and access citizen

He received his PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Auckland. Losing hearing in one ear in 2017 made Arash interested in the Deaf community and their problems.  This experience was the impetus to form Kara.  He recognises himself as a problem solver, with a passion to provide scalable solutions for the challenges of the modern world. He received the University of Auckland Blue Award for Innovation in 2019 and was recognized as one of the University of Auckland’s 40 Under 40 alumni in the Disruptors and Innovators category. Arash is a fellow at Edmund Hillary Fellowship.

David Downs: Chairman of the Well Foundation and Hi-Tech Trust

David has had a successful career in the private and public sector, with senior roles at organisations such as Microsoft, and New Zealand Trade & Enterprise. David is a published author on New Zealand Innovation, with two highly successful books – No.8 Re-wired, and No.8 Recharged.

He’s an ex-comedian, TV and Radio actor, semi-finalist for New Zealander of the Year, and a genetically modified organism who documented his battle with cancer in his book A Mild Touch of the Cancer.

David co-founded a not-for-profit initiative to help cafes and other small businesses during covid-19. It quickly became a huge hit and to date has sold over $2 million in vouchers for over 2500 small businesses.

David released a new book, Silver Linings in March 2021.