IMNZ Summit & its ground breaking virtual platform partner 6Connex

This year’s IMNZ Summit isn’t only bringing its audiences a theme that seems to be resonating with many: Every Great Team Has Tough Starts, but is also boasting ground-breaking virtual event software unlike any other.

The 6Connex platform is highly regarded around the world for virtual summits, conferences, and webinars – with a broad range of options for personalising an event, as well as gathering an impressive range of broad data and metrics. IMNZ (part of the Skills Consulting Group), was one of the first companies in New Zealand to use this revolutionary event software. So, if you’re managing staff and looking for practical advice and tools or a bit of a tech nerd, then this is an event you won’t want to miss out on.


The event platform, 6Connex, is designed to look exactly like an in-person event, but instead of walking your way through the event, you’ll be clicking your way through. Event participants will find themselves in the lobby, much like one you’d find at an actual conference; this is where they can navigate to different rooms and find the key information they might need. When the day commences, and keynote speakers are ready to take the stage, participants will know to enter the auditorium by having guides and broadcast messages displayed in whichever room they are in, so you won’t miss out on any of the speakers.



Throughout the scheduled breaks in speakers, there is ample time to see just how far virtual events can go. You can click through to branded booths, chat to people you can see are online and in the same room as you, watch videos and comment your thoughts or questions, and even video chat to people. Everything about it is designed to feel extremely familiar to participants, even though it’s all held in a virtual world. The event is worth attending, even just to play around with the interface!

“This is a superb tool that allows us to provide a unique experience for those attending our events,” says Garry Fissenden from Skills Consulting Group. “This new conference technology allows for much more than just your standard conference. It allows us to offer a layer of interactivity that is truly impressive. It’s perfect to be able to provide a virtual environment with no physical boundaries.”
– Garry Fissenden, Skills Consulting Group


Of course, no matter how great the technology, no event is complete without a great lineup of speakers. This year’s IMNZ Summit’s speakers include some big names in leadership who have experiences to share, focusing on how they got through tough times with their teams and came out even stronger. Hitting your screens this year we have, Patrick Crewdson, Stuff Editor in Chief and a massive name in quality journalism; Ezekiel Raui, a social innovator who has received a medal from the Queen (and met the Obama’s!); Carmen Bailey, Emergent Consulting Director who has vast experience recruiting top leaders across all sorts of industries; Helen Carter, GM Marketing and Business Development at Skills Consulting Group who is a forward-thinking senior leader; Kristen Lunman, Co-founder and GM of the very successful modern investing platform, Hatch; along with Arash Tayebi, Co-Founder and CEO of Kara Technologies and David Downs, chairman of the Well Foundation and Hi-Tech Trust and recognised author on New Zealand Innovation. I think you will agree that this lineup does not fall short, and these speakers will have amazing stories to share worth getting your notebook out for.



Event Details

Event Theme: Every Great Team Has Tough Starts

Dates & Times: 4 & 5 May 2021 (these are half day events starting at 9am)

Location: This is a virtual event

Cost: Registrations are free

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