Health & Safety During Level 1



Your safety and the safety of our team is our top priority, along with delivering a great learning experience. We are working directly with our venues and implementing the Ministry of Health’s guidelines on best practice health and safety procedures under Alert Level 1.


Health and Safety Protocols Under Alert Level 1

What you need to know

This page outlines Frequently Asked Questions around the move to Alert Level 1. It also hosts a downloadable version of our Health and Safety Plan which has been developed in accordance with WorkSafe’s guidelines.



Frequently Asked Questions


I’m not feeling well today, should I still come to the workshop? 

If you are feeling unwell or showing potential symptoms of COVID-19 such as having a temperature and/or experiencing shortness of breath, please remain at home.

Please notify us in writing via that you are unwell and unable to attend, and we will book you onto the next available workshop.



Can you assure me that your venues are safe? 

The venues we work with have health and safety plans in place in relation to COVID-19 and these adhere to the recommendations provided by the government for operating under Alert Level 1.



Will you tell us if someone in the workshop has COVID-19 and we might have been exposed?  

In the event that one of our participants or one of the IMNZ facilitators tests positive for COVID-19, we will immediately follow the government’s guidelines around informing the Ministry of Health of the risk of potential infection.  The Ministry of Health will then carry out contact procedures for all people potentially exposed. 



What will happen with the catering for your public workshops, do I need to bring my own lunch?

Under level 1 catering will be provided as per normal following the required food safety procedures.



What will happen with the materials provided during your public workshops?

Please note that in light of the ‘contactless’ requirements under alert level 2, we made a decision to no longer print workshop materials.  This step was under consideration prior to the COVID-19 pandemic due to our brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability. 

Customers will be required to bring a device (laptop, iPad, tablet), or at their own discretion or may choose to print the materials for themselves.  If you have any questions in regard to this decision, please do not hesitate to contact us.   




We appreciate your support

We appreciate your support in helping us to maintain our health and safety protocols. If the above hasn’t answered a question you might have please get in touch with us today. 



You can view our detailed Alert Level 1 Health and Safety Plan by clicking on the button below.



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