Trust and Team Culture

Build trust in the workplace for maximum engagement.

Course Dates

This course runs on demand please contact us to register your interest

A Bit About This Course

Why do smart leaders build high-trust cultures? Because a culture of Trust yields higher engagement, happier employees, greater productivity, and higher returns. And it all starts in the brain.

Designed and run by expert facilitator Denis Sartain, learn how Trust impacts behavior, why Trust gets lost and ways to consciously stimulate it by celebrating effort, sharing information, promoting ownership, and more.

 With a practical model, compelling insights, real case studies, and easy-to-implement tips and tools learn how to embed Trust in your team and business culture and reap the rewards

Who Is This Course For?

  • Anyone wanting to learn more about how to improve workplace culture and drive productivity 
  • Leaders and managers and HR professionals in an organisation trying to embed a trust culture

What Is Covered

This is an active one-day course with a mixture of presentations, group practical activities and case studies based on course materials. At the completion of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand what Trust is and the value of it
  • Discuss how Trust impacts business and culture
  • Explain the Neuroscience of Trust
  • Grasp the Trust-building cycle- the key to changing stubborn workplace patterns
  • Apply tools to measure Trust levels in your organisation
  • Derive a strategy to improve trust among employees and peers
  • Cultivate workplaces where trust, joy, and commitment compound naturally