Effective Time Management

Get tools and techniques to manage time and control your burgeoning workload.

Course Dates

This course runs on demand please contact us to register your interest

A Bit About This Course

This one-day comprehensive short course is designed for those who feel overloaded and out of control as workloads and performance expectations increase whilst resource levels diminish. 

Learn how to do the right things in the correct order and do them better! This course will show you how to master your workload through the application of proven practices.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Those who would like to increase their work performance.
  • Managers with large workloads, tight deadlines, and stress.
  • Team members who are looking for direction and clarity

Who Is This Course For?

“The course has helped me adjust my behaviours and I now get my work done in fewer hours.”
~ James Duthie, Risk Manager for BNZ

What Is Covered


After the successful completion of this programme, it is expected that you will be able to:

  • Distinguish more clearly between productive and non-productive work
  • Schedule work through effective workload scheduling rather than merely adding more bullet point tasks to your to do list
  • Better manage email traffic
  • Analyse and classify work for external outsourcing and internal delegation purposes
  • Undertake performance-based delegation to better use organizational resources and achieve required outcomes through empowerment
  • Pre-empt workload problems through effective “what if” analysis and minimize crisis work
  • Analyse yourself and other for workaholic tendencies and identify addiction cures
  • Apply time management principles including dealing with interruptions and learning to say “no”
  • Identify and eliminate your time wasters
  • Check the validity of current workload processes and remove non-value practices to reduce cycle time and enhance outcome quality
  • Establish optimum balance among the conflicting constraints of work effort, output volume and deliverable performance.
  • Reorganise your work station to improve your productivity
  • Manage paperwork and use office technology to advantage.

This programme is conducted in a relaxed environment with an emphasis on practical team-based exercises designed to familiarize you with the application of the relevant tools and techniques. Opportunity is available to share ideas.