Creating a Bully-Free Culture

Address abrasive behavior in the workplace.

Course Dates

This course runs on demand please contact us to register your interest

A Bit About This Course

Identifying and intervening with workplace incivility, abrasive and bullying behaviour can be challenging. Leaders may feel unable to act until a formal complaint is made but at that point, significant workplace disruption has already occurred.

This workshop uses authentic case studies and group exercises to develop an awareness of what constitutes and causes abrasive behaviour and explores best management practice in early intervention.

Who Is This Course For?

Anyone who wants evidence-based methodology for addressing abrasive behaviour in the workplace in its early stages without resorting to formal investigations or moving to formal disciplinary processes.

What Is Covered


    • Identify the characteristics of abrasive behaviour
    • Understand the difference between performance and conduct
    • Gain a deeper understanding of the causes of such behaviour
    • Explore the characteristics of (chronic) ‘abrasives’; and their potential for change
    • Organisational dynamics: the criticality of consequences; and providing a psychologically safe workplace.
    • Consider characteristic management responses to ‘abrasives’: avoidance & admonishment; and the impact of these responses.
    • Develop practical interventions, frameworks, and options for dealing with people with abrasive tendencies.
    • Map out a personalised plan of action for each case.