Coaching for Managers Programme

If you’re a manager wanting to get more out of your team, Coaching for Managers is the course for you! Learn the essential skills to coach people at work!

Course Dates

This course runs on demand please contact us to register your interest

A Bit About This Course

What if you could spend less time worrying about the day-to-day issues and more time bringing out the best in your people? You could focus on increasing motivation and creating a sense of purpose that improves not only the quality of your workplace but the quality of the work you do, which in turn will lift the productivity of everyone around you.

Coaching for Managers is one of our short courses – a programme that will enable managers to use coaching skills as part of their management toolkit. You’ll come away with practical, proven coaching techniques to transform people’s lives and drive purpose in the workplace. You’ll gain valuable insights on the psychology and neuroscience behind how coaching works, and leave with the ability to help your team develop the skills, knowledge, and attitude necessary to deliver on their responsibilities and goals successfully.

An intensive, two-day experiential workshop is followed by a structured period of application back in the workplace, and a final, follow-up day will include reflective practice and coaching supervision to ensure the outcomes from the programme become embedded as a core skill-set. After finishing the programme, all successful candidates will receive an external quality-assurance statement, as you do with all IMNZ training and management courses.

Developed and delivered by world-class coaches, psychologists and educators, Prof. Patricia Bossons and Denis Sartain, authors of “Coaching Essentials” and “The Neuroscience of Leadership Coaching”, Coaching for Managers has a proven transformational capacity with 3,000 graduates across the world. Now available in New Zealand for the first time, this exciting and powerful approach to leadership training and development is only on offer through IMNZ – contact IMNZ now to discuss the course or book your place today

Training Format


Day One:

  • Introduction to coaching – what it is and what it isn’t
  • Manager as Coach – when this is appropriate, how to do it, and the Situational Leadership model and diagnostic, working with real case examples
  • Coaching practice in reflective groups – understanding your natural style
  • Understanding individual differences – how to engage with different types of people based on Myers Briggs Type Indicators

Day Two:

  • The GROW model of coaching, demonstration and practice in trios
  • Coaching practice in reflective groups
  • Manager as Coach – pitfalls and boundaries
  • How to introduce and sustain a coaching culture
  • Setup for inter-module practice

Inter-module practice:

  • Approximately six weeks of inter-module practice, coaching action and being coached by colleagues from the programme, including reflective write-up of both experiences for formative feedback from tutors

Day Three:

  • Introduction to Coaching Supervision practice, and group supervision on inter-module coaching sessions
  • Review of work-related coaching situations and opportunities
  • Developing coaching expertise, tools, and techniques going forward

What Participants Have Said

“Through the Coaching for Managers course I was really able to peel back what might be going on beneath the surface. And probably my number one ‘Ah-ha moment’ was realising that I actually wasn’t connecting with my team.”
Michelle Poulton

COO for AlphaCert Labs

“This course has helped me to actually invest time into my team – allowing them to talk about the goals they want. It has created so much productivity with my team because they are happier, grounded, and they’ve got a way forward that they are owning, and that’s enabled me to relax and enjoy being in a leadership role a lot more because you are seeing the team work together.”

Reona Jarvis

Practice Manager for Monte Cecilia Housing Trust